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Posted on 03/18/2019
Pink Stuff in Your Water?
Whenever you move to a new area, water quality might be one of the things you check. Before you bought your home, you got a green light on the inspection, so everything should be perfect. But, now that you're in your new home, you see a strange pinkish-red film forming in the toilet, on the shower walls, around...
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Posted on 03/11/2019
3 Reasons to Pursue a California Luxury Home
The California luxury housing market is filled with many outstanding properties. As such, there may be no time like the present to conduct a search for a Golden State luxury house. Ultimately, there are many reasons to pursue a California luxury home, and these include: 1. You can discover a great home at a price that matches your budget....
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Posted on 03/07/2019
Another Property Sold - 210 Tiburon Boulevard, San Rafael, CA 94901
Solidly built in 1973 but it has been cosmetically challenged. Needs lots of fix up . Terrific space in kitchen. new appliances. Do not walk on the deck- it is not safe to view pool go out kitchen door and thru gate to pool area House is avail -go direct bring your contractors. Upstairs there are 3 Bedrooms two baths - down 1 BR 1BA plus family room plus garage... Good sized...
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Posted on 03/04/2019
Home Suffering From Boring Flooring?
Deciding on flooring for your home sounds boring. No one wants to research and compare all the different options, but the floors get used more than just about everything else in your home. So, spending some time looking into what flooring will be the best value for you is a wise investment of time. Get ready to take...
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Posted on 02/25/2019
Is Now the Right Time to Attend an Open House?
If you plan to buy a home in the near future, there is no harm in attending an open house. However, for those who want to get the most out of an open house, it helps to plan ahead as much as possible. Now, let's take a look at three tips to help you get ready to attend an...
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Posted on 02/18/2019
What Is the Cost of Purchasing a Home?
Before you embark on a search for your dream house, it helps to know what to expect during the homebuying journey. If you understand the true cost of purchasing a home, you can map out your property buying strategy accordingly. Now, let's take a look at three factors that may impact how much you spend to acquire your ideal...
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Posted on 02/11/2019
Searching For a California Home Near the Ocean
California is one of the best places in the country to enjoy the outdoors, pursue an active lifestyle, and enjoy some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery you can imagine! If surfing isn't your passion, the opportunities for paddle boarding, nature photography, picnicking, and just plain exploring are readily available. Whether you're looking for rugged terrain or flat, sandy...
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Posted on 02/09/2019
210 Tiburon Boulevard, San Rafael, CA 94901 is now new to the market!
Solidly built in 1973 but it has been trashed... Needs lots of cosmetics. Do not walk on the deck- it is not safe Vacant - go direct bring your...
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Posted on 02/04/2019
Repairing the Roof Over Your Head
A roof is not something you usually think about or comment on when you are looking at a house. Unless, of course, the roof is unique or different in some way. Say, covered in a blue tarp because it is leaking or maybe a bad patch job. Alternatively, it has an original color or design, may be covered...
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Posted on 01/28/2019
Navigate the Property Selling Journey Like a Pro
No one should be forced to deal with a long, complicated home selling journey. Fortunately, there are many things a seller can do to navigate the property selling journey like a pro. Now, let's take a look at three tips to help you enjoy a quick, profitable home selling experience. 1. Analyze the Housing Market You may have entered...
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Posted on 01/21/2019
How to Simplify the California Luxury Homebuying Experience
If you decide to pursue a luxury home in Los Angeles, San Francisco or any other California city or town, there is no need to stress. In fact, there are many ways to simplify the Golden State luxury homebuying experience, and these include: 1. Know Where You Want to Reside Do you want to own a stunning Malibu luxury...
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Posted on 01/14/2019
How to Enjoy a Stress-Free Homebuying Experience
Let's face it – stress can be problematic, particularly for a homebuyer who is competing with others to find the best house at the lowest price. Lucky for you, we're here to help you minimize the guesswork associated with purchasing a house, increasing the likelihood of a stress-free homebuying experience. Now, let's take a look at three tips to...
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